Reference of socio-economic indicators


Burkina Faso’s Government has adopted the Strategy for Accelerated Growth and Sustainable Development (SCADD 2011-2015) to address the economic challenges and to facilitate the interventions of private investors.

Major strategic areas and secondary areas of the SCADD

AREA 1: Developing the pillars of accelerated growth

AREA 2: Consolidating human capital and promoting social protection

AREA 3: Strengthening governance

AREA 4: Taking into account cross-cutting priorities in the policies and programs

The areas

–          Growth Poles

–          Production channels and promoting niches and clusters of enterprises

–          Agriculture

–          Livestock

–          Mining

–          Crafts, cultural and tourism industries

–          SMEs and SMIs

–          Support infrastructure

–          Employment and increased incomes

–          Strengthening economic governance

–          Health and nutrition

–          Clean water and sanitation

–          Social protection

–          Access to modern energy services

–          Education, technical and vocational education and training

–          Strengthening political governance

–          Strengthening administrative governance

–          Strengthening local governance

–          Programs to reduce gender inequalities

–          Programs to control population growth

–          Better managing the environment and using more optimally the natural resources

–          Implementing the policy of land use

–          Capacity building

–          Business intelligence

–          Economic integration and foreign trade