Tourist Attractions

Burkina Faso, a first-rate tourist destination in West Africa, brings together some comparative advantages consisting of its people’s legendary sense of hospitality and friendliness and its numerous and varied tourism resources. To enhance this rich heritage, the country was divided into four (4) major tourist areas: the Center, the West, the East and Sahel.

The Center

Heavily influenced by Ouagadougou, the political and administrative capital city, which regularly hosts important regional, sub-regional and international meetings (seminars, conferences, congresses and workshops, etc.), the central zone is the area of business and conference tourism. It also has the following main attractions:

  • The granite site of Laongo:

This real open-air museum which is located at 45 kilometres from Ouagadougou, presents masterpieces made by national and international artists who regularly meet there to carve granite.

  • The Urban Park Bangr Wéoogo:

Green lung of Ouagadougou, the park is a place where you can walk and take a look at some wild animals, the eco-museum and relax.

  • The National Museum

Samples of the rich heritage of Burkina Faso are exposed in this museum: traditional masks of the main ethnic groups and important collections of artefacts, including musical instruments (drums, xylophones, etc.) baskets, pottery, agricultural tools, etc. Traditional houses typical to of each ethnic group are also reproduced on a large area.

  • The Music Museum:

Unique in the sub-region, the music museum presents a structure of stabilized earth combining modern technology and traditional materials. Located opposite Lycée Philippe Zinda Kabore, this museum displays traditional music instruments.

  • The Manéga Museu

Also called “bendrologie museum” which means in Moore language “drums language” this museum takes you through a real ethnological treasure gathering sacred masks, fetishes, gravestones, musical instruments, and reconstructions of some social life scenes. Located at 50 km from Ouagadougou, it is the right place for you to initiate to Burkina Faso customs and rituals and particularly the Mossi ones.

  • The Sacred Crocodiles in Bazoulé and Sabou located respectively at 30 km and 90 km from Ouagadougou;
  • The Nazinga Ranch located at about 200 km from Ouagadougou;
  • The Wildlife Park of Ziniaré;
  • The Experimental Ranch Wedbila;
  • The Kabore-Tambi National Park;
  • Kassena Architecture in Tiébélé  

Located at 170 km from Ouagadougou in the Kassena region, you will discover a beautiful local architecture. These are huts that fit into each other with external stairs leading to the flat roofs, the whole being decorated with paintings made by women.

  • The National arts and crafts center (CNAA), which hosts the workshops of various professionals from the sector trades and crafts (in which various professionals from the sector have their workshops);
  • The Ouagadougou craft village of (VAO)

It is an area of creation, production and sale of handicrafts Burkina Faso. It brings together more than 500 artisans in Burkina from 25 crafts. The site has about 50 workshops;

  •  The yogsin bronze artists’ district:

These artists use the technique of lost wax to make decorative objects.

The West

This is the perfect area for adventure tourism and resort. You will find:

  •  The Bobo-Dioulasso Provincial Museum

  •  The Dioulasso-ba Mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso

The Dioulasso-ba Mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso is characterized by its architecture made from mud and of Sudanese kind. Dating from the late nineteenth century, it finds its origin in a conflict between Sya (Bobo-Dioulasso) and Kénédougou. The King of Sya unable to meet alone the attackers requested support from the Muslims living in his district. Once he won the battle, he authorized the construction of a mosque by Muslims. At the time, all citizens of the canton of Sya were animists.

  • The Guinguette is a natural pool in the heart of the rainforest
  • The Hippo Lake of Bala (60 km from Bobo)
  • The stone carvings of Borodougou (25 km from Bobo)
  • The Tengrela Lake located 7 km from Banfora home to hippos (possibility of boat trip)
  • The Peaks of Sindu (50 km from Banfora)
  • The Fabedougou domes
  • The Tenakourou Mount
  • The Banfora Cliffs
  • The Museum of Gaoua
  • The Gaoua caves
  • The Karfiguela Cascades located at 12 km from Banfora.
  • The Douna caves
  • The Ruins of Lorépeni (39 km from Gaoua)

These ruins have been listed as part of the World Heritage during the 33rd session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO held in Seville, Spain from June 22nd to 27th 2009. These are high impressive walls made of rubble laterite and whose height can reach six meters. Surrounding a large abandoned building, they are part of a hundred stone walls. These walls date back to the 11th century AD at least.

The East

This is the first area of game and vision tourism. It contains many national parks and wildlife reserves scattered in protected areas. There are many species of West African wildlife: lions, antelopes, buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, monkeys, etc. Several hunting areas are open to tourists from December 1st to May 30th.

  •  The Arly National Park

Located at 520 km from Ouagadougou, this natural park is open to hunting (from December to June) and safaris – vision (December to May) with certain conditions (permits, fees, etc.). The Wildlife of about 92,500 ha, is home to the big game (lions, buffaloes, hippos, elephants, etc.) And small game (monkeys, antelopes, warthogs, etc.). Visits in the park are subject to the presence of a hunting guide;

  • The W National Park (shared between Niger, Burkina Faso and Benin);
  • The Wildlife Reserve of Pama at 325 km from Ouagadougou;
  • The Hills of Nalambou;
  • The Caves of Pama;
  • The Cliffs of Gobnangou;
  • The Kombougou Waterfalls;

The North or Sahel

Located in the northern part of the country, it’s a great mysterious region, strange and seductive which is suitable for adventure tourism and raids. Sahel attractions include:

  • The Sand dunes and the pond of Oursi;
  • The stone carvings of Pobe Mengao overlying rock shelters located near Ouahigouya;
  • The Archaeological Museum of Pobe Mengao:

This museum presents a collection of updated objects retracing the history of the peoples who lived in this area. It completes the rock carvings Pobé Mengao;

  • The mosque of Bani
  • The mysterious tomb of Falagountou
  • The Djomga oasis
  • Lake Dem
  • The Sanmatenga leather goods

See more tourist attractions on:

– The website of the National Tourism Board in Burkina Faso (ONTB) E-mail ontb [at] cenatrin [dot] bf Tel. +226 50 31 19 59 / +226 50 31 19 60

– The website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism